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Fact Control
If you control perspective, you control perception.

Anthony Olszewski
March 18, 2005

While watching a documentary covering the life of Leni Riefenstahl, I was amazed by the mountain climbing prowess of the young actress. She showed no fear of falling as she clambered up -- sometimes barefoot -- very steep inclines. I wondered about the seeming sharp demarcation between her two careers: Leni, starlet of the action flick and Riefenstahl, Hitler's film director.

As luck would have it, a few days later I happened upon a digital video magazine that contained an article describing special effects on the cheap. One of the simplest is to turn the camera sideways and have the subjects crawl on the ground. The resulting video shows someone climbing -- as long as the footage does not reveal a tree or some other point of reference testifying to the camera's lie.

Suddenly, I realized the essential continuity of Leni Riefenstahl's career: if you control perspective, you control perception.

- - -

A friend of mine is a firearms aficionado. He proudly proclaims his belief that the gun owners of America preserve Liberty by keeping government in check. After having heard this several times, I asked him if -- maybe at a July 4th celebration -- he'd ever seen up close an attack helicopter, artillery, or a tank. Had he forgotten Waco? Yes, in the late 18th century a small band of patriots armed with rifle was all it took to repel an invading infantry. But today, any number of camouflage fatigue clad guys running around with 30-30s just don't stand a chance.

In the modern era of armor and fully automatic weapons, to maintain the respect of politicians you need to arm yourself with VOTERS, not guns.

- - -

Limits placed on Freedom of the Press are Fact Control. Fact Control eliminates the need for the Manufacture of Consent or any other form of Thought Control. If you control perspective, you control perception.

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